For my final year thesis at University, we had the opportunity to create a graphic media piece of our research. Quite unconventionally for illustration, I decided to write about insects - an area of conservation and animal politics that I am greatly passionate about, yet that is rarely thought of or heard about.

Insects may seem to be everywhere we look in the world, but in reality, they are disappearing. Fast.

In my dissertation I discuss why insects are so vital to all life on earth, and why we need to be making greater changes for our planet before it is too late.

My hope is that by reading this, you can grow an appreciation for insects and all they do.

You can read my dissertation through the link below:

Book Recommendation *****

I greatly recommend the book Wilding by Isabella Tree. Though not directly related to the decline of insects, Tree proves how just by returning to the basics of looking after the earth and returning natively extinct species - the earth can be "re-wilded" once more. For anyone who loves nature or needs to read some hope for the future, I'm sure you'll feel inspired!