A very personal animation centred around the meaning of being 'mixed-race'.

I come from both Korean and English descent and it caused me a lot of identity problems growing up, as I stood out as one of the only 'mixed-race' people I knew apart from my sister in my area.

I no longer believe in 'race' so I realised it doesn't affect me anymore how different I look. Plus the lines of 'race' are blurring with more and more interracial marriages. But it was an interesting project to work on as I feel I eventually tackled a problem that I had been sitting on for many years, just by listening to what my family think about the subject.

The concept of 'race' and how it influences our society


The idea of 'racial categories' of humans is and forever will be, completely unscientific.

There is zero evidence that 'race' does exist. 'Race' is the idea that our phenotype (appearance) influences our genotype (genetics).

Such as how Indian genes make good cricket players and Asian genes make good mathematicians.

I've lost count of the times people have dismissed by hard-work for being my "Asian genes".

We have to make this clear, that "Asian genes" do not exist.

Between any group of humans, there is less than a 1-2% difference in genes. It is racism in itself to believe that black people sing better and white people can't dance.

People are mixing 'culture' with 'appearance'. It may be in some African cultures, dance is a part of their culture. But that has nothing to do with their skin colour or face shape. The same way parents teach their kids to be studious in Asian society is nothing to do with their "race". These stereotypes actually inhibit children growing up to lose faith in their abilities due to their racial categories they are assigned to.

Just simple endorsing the idea of race makes you inherently racist, even without White Supremacy or not.

If you think about the history of racism and the idea of different 'races' it starts to make sense.

Before the 17th century, 'race' in the way we understand it, didn't exist. Even to the point where African and English people easily bonded, sang, played and slept together with no discrimination at all.

However, when the North Atlantic Slave traders began trading in African people for work on farms in America, the concept of race was born. Many people in Europe were disgusted by the slave trade and were trying to abolish it. But by creating this idea that people with dark skin are below others, they managed to get 'property rights' (which were a new idea in Europe at the time). So the slave abolishers lost the battle for many years.

It is also good to mention that apart from Africans, the Irish and Native Americans were also traded. It wasn't to do with skin colour at all in the beginning. The African people were the most popular slaves due to being immune to New World diseases and were strong and hard-working.

Rather than 'race', we should be celebrating culture and ethnicity for those do exist. Words are very powerful things.