I'm Sora, a freelance illustrator currently based in the UK.

My passions lie in spreading awareness about our planet and I strongly believe in the influence of art and storytelling on kids when growing up.

Mainly I work using digital processes - having begun drawing digitally from a young age - the process just stuck due to the freedom and experimentation digital drawing provides. However, I really appreciate the often imperfect effect of traditional mediums and aim to combine both techniques to create more visually dynamic pieces.

I am proficient in many of the Adobe design software including Photoshop, After Effects and Indesign. Whilst mainly working in Clip Studio or Procreate for my illustrations.


<Hidden in the Lines Exhibition> Poetry Cafe, Covent Gardens (London)


<What the Dickens? Exhibition> Poetry Cafe, Covent Gardens (London)


Middlesex University (London) BA Illustration Degree <First Class Honours>


<Celebration of Illustration Exhibition> Espacio Gallery, Bethnal Green (London)

Creative Conscience Awards 2021 <Silver Award Winner>



Represented worldwide by Good Illustration Agency

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Covent Garden
London WC2H 9BP
United Kingdom

For illustration commissions, please contact Doreen, Kate or Tom:

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